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Greetings Fairfield citizens.  I am the founder of the Mickey Elston Creditor Association and Webmaster of   I do this work voluntarily as a service to the Fairfield Iowa USA community that is home to Maharishi University where I received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.

I first encountered Mickey Elston when he did a construction job for Maharishi University's storage building project.  He was over 60 when he made an inappropriate comment to a young lady student from a noble Indian family.  Mickey has even stolen even from little old ladies and a senior care home.  This web site is exposing his evil deeds so that other good and trusting citizens are not convinced by his con artist nature. 

Mickey pretends to be one of us, but he is not a Transcendental Meditation meditator, even though he says "Jai Guru Dev".  If he was doing TM, he would see what he is doing.  Mickey Elston is a Rakshasa, an evil influence on the community. 

Mickey makes it harder for Fairfield businesses to survive.  I would have preferred to live and work in Fairfield after graduation.  But businesses are struggling in Fairfield. So I had to leave the USA and get a job here in India.

The United States preaches to the world about the right of freedom of speech.  But I do not feel comfortable in giving my real name. Look how US authorities are treating Jullian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks.  Well I am the founder of MikiLeaks.  The authorities should be arresting Mickey.  Such a shame!  Thankfully we have freedom of expression on the web here in India.

You may call me Guru Webmaster.  Guru means great teacher.  We teach thousands of people in Fairfield, through the web, how to avoid the stress of being cheated by Mickey.

I founded MECA and helped the first creditor I met in the Maharishi University Dining Hall, Mr. Rick Shaddock in 2010.  He had won a Small Claims Court judgment for about $2000 but Mickey still did not pay for months.  He was upset and asked my help to let the community know.  I helped him as we made a web site to post the public records from IowaCourts.Gov  

Since then other of the 30 creditors have come forward to be posted on the web.  They email their information to me, then  I search the web for additional information.  I do the web site configuration, and postings right here in India working with web servers in Singapore.

We are doing the right thing for good karma.  We help people Hyam Dukam Anagatam - Avert the danger that has not yet come.   If Mickey sincerely changes his ways and apologizes, then we in MECA will not have a reason to warn people.

The Fairfield Iowa Law Enforcement authorities should consider what Mickey is doing is equivalent to theft.  Instead of taking a wallet or purse by force, he uses a technique of getting paid up front then never doing the job.  He hides behind LLC corporation so people cannot collect.  He commits a so-called Civil crime which is really Criminal.  He is a drag upon the Fairfield people who will probably reincarnate as a snake.  Truth and Justice always win in the end.

Satyam Eva Jayate

Sri Guru Webmaster
India and Singapore
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